Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My Remorse

My Remorse

I lay down with my eyes wide open
Thinking about the things that happen often;
Then I start to wonder
There is something to ponder.

I stare at the ceiling
And I lose myself in a feeling;
To my mind I ask
Have I failed to do my task?

Now I try to recapture
About the reasons for the fracture;
Things that let me down
That made me forever frown.

People tell me I’m kind
Also I lose my mind;
They say I’m helpful
And also I’m playful.

Well, I do regret
For making people forget,
For breaking relationship
And for losing friendship.

There are moments I fought
Is it because I care a lot?
I’m always hated
That makes me frustrated.

They say I’m unlike
Is that the only reason not to like?
I’ve been through hardship
Feel like I’m in a warship.

I wanna shine
I wanna leave a mark of mine;
I see myself scream
But that was just another dream.

Reflecting on the past
Things I need to do are vast;
Now I close my eyes
With a determination to improvise.


  1. I for a second wondered if i even knew u :) The poem is marvelous bro :) proud of u:)

  2. Thank You Vinay Sir! :)
    Thank You Seema Didi! :)

  3. nice poetry vikas,, keep it up. :)

  4. Hey cool poem! DIdn't know you could write well :)

  5. A nice poem :)
    Couldn't relate the Title to its contents though.

  6. Hey! This is good!

    It is true in a way, whatever continues to happen to us and by us is immaterial when we really have it in your hearts that we are always going to rectify it. Then, again, it is important to not lose our sleep contemplating over the past... Then, again, we might never find a solution or a way to better our past, we will forever have it that the past has not been so rectifiable anyway; the present is though!

    Welcome to the blog gang! :) :P