Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My Remorse

My Remorse

I lay down with my eyes wide open
Thinking about the things that happen often;
Then I start to wonder
There is something to ponder.

I stare at the ceiling
And I lose myself in a feeling;
To my mind I ask
Have I failed to do my task?

Now I try to recapture
About the reasons for the fracture;
Things that let me down
That made me forever frown.

People tell me I’m kind
Also I lose my mind;
They say I’m helpful
And also I’m playful.

Well, I do regret
For making people forget,
For breaking relationship
And for losing friendship.

There are moments I fought
Is it because I care a lot?
I’m always hated
That makes me frustrated.

They say I’m unlike
Is that the only reason not to like?
I’ve been through hardship
Feel like I’m in a warship.

I wanna shine
I wanna leave a mark of mine;
I see myself scream
But that was just another dream.

Reflecting on the past
Things I need to do are vast;
Now I close my eyes
With a determination to improvise.